Building PermitBuilding Permit Application
Building Inspector - Ross Rogien
(269)461-6925  Berrien Township Hall

Electrical Permit:  Electrical Permit
Electrical Inspector - Ken Simpson

Plumbing Permit:  Plumbing Permit Application
Plumbing Inspector - Fred Ristau

Mechanical Permit:  Mechanical Permit Application
Mechanical Inspector - Norm Klug

Burn Permits: are required whenever you are burning on open ground - not in a fire pit.  Burn permits are only issued for the burning of brush, grass and leaves.  It is against the law to burn construction materials, demolition materials, plastic, old furniture, etc.  Household garbage may be burned if contained in a barrel.  Burn Permits can be obtained by calling the Township Office between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  During favorable weather, permits can be issued up to four days.  Please remember that our office is closed Friday-Sunday.  Plan ahead and get a permit number before 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Be careful with the fire by following these safety guidelines:

  • If the wind comes up - put your fire out.

  • Be sure to have a shovel, rake and hose on hand while you are burning.

  • Do not leave your fire unattended.

  • Soak the area around the fire when you are done burning.

Remember:  If your fire gets out of control, you will be responsible for damages to your neighbor's properties, and you may also be responsible for all suppression costs.

Demo Permit Form

Garage Sale Permit Form

Parcel Combination Form

Parcel Division Application Form

Rangeline Park Rental Form

Zoning Permit Form


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Fire Department
Do you still want to be a firefighter?

Do you remember when as a child wanting to be a fireman?  Or as a little girl, were you disappointed when you were told you couldn't be a fireman because you were a girl?  Well, it's not too late!  Most of the firefighters in the United States are what you think of as volunteers. They come from all walks of life, and include many women!

The Pipestone, Berrien Twps., Eau Claire Fire Department is actually a "paid-on-call" department and not a "volunteer" type.  This distinction means that our firefighters are paid an hourly wage.

As our lives become more complicated; finding people willing to serve their community as a firefighter has become quite difficult.  It is especially difficult to find firefighters available during the daytime.  With the loss of factor/shift work in the area, our daytime responders are very low.

If you have any desire to help your neighbors, to help keep the cost of your fire protection as low as possible; come see us.  We provide the training you need and the equipment that is required.  All you need to supply is a willingness to fulfill that dream you had while you were a little kid, (and some time).

If you are interested call the station on Friday afternoons 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.  We will explain what is involved and start you on a path that will provide you with a tremendous amount of pride and satisfaction.  Our phone number is 269-461-3406.

Reflective Green Sign Form